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Deborah Rozell

Founder, President and Principal Designer

As Founder, President and Principle Designer of the firm Innovative Inclusive Design LLC, Deborah Rozell is passionate about creating beautiful and functional interiors that fit her client's budget and unique style. From drafting to planning to implementation, she is skilled in managing all aspects of the interior design process.

Prior to founding Innovative Inclusive Design, LLC, Deborah managed an interiors department in an architectural firm, worked as a Design Associate in an interior design firm, as well as provided independent interior design consulting services.


Deborah holds a certification in Interior Design from Paier College of Art. She has also earned certifications in:

  • Home Modification (ECHM) from UCLA

  • Aging in Place (CAPS) from the NHBA

  • “Residential Design for Health and Longevity” and “Learning Environments for Tomorrow” from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Education

  • Feng Shui from KEW Training Academy

Deborah holds Bachelors of Science in Education from SUNY College at Buffalo.


Deborah served as Chair of the Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees for Bridges Public Charter School and The Community Development Advisory Committee for Montgomery County Maryland. She has also served as Secretary and HUD Disability Task Force Representative for the National Council for Independent Living Housing Subcommittee. She regularly volunteers for Aging 2.0 and was a founding Board Member for Little Falls Village.


Deborah enjoys time with family and friends, long walks and hiking with her golden, pilates, watercolor and reading.

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Andrew Melmed

Senior Strategic Manager

Andrew is passionate about community planning, climate change mitigation and carbon neutrality. As a Senior Strategic Manager at Innovative Inclusive Design, Andrew is responsible for managing the firm's project and client portfolio. He also streamlines the company's business practices to promote environmental sustainability.

Andrew is currently pursuing a Master's in Community Planning with a specialization in Sustainability Planning at the University of Maryland's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Prior to joining Innovative Inclusive Design, Andrew served in various monitoring & evaluation, project management, and research positions within the health care industry. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cornell University. 

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