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Whole Home Design

With the Whole Home Design offering, we take a holistic approach to the design of your home interior. We work with you to ensure each room matches your unique aesthetic, while maintaining a consistent flow with the rest of the home. Our team is skilled in designing new interiors from scratch or redesigning existing interiors to meet your new design needs.

Room Design

The Room Design offering is for clients who want to redesign an individual room, or a few rooms in their home without redesigning the entire home interior. Rooms may include kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, libraries, and/or dens.

Color Consultation

It's sometimes difficult to visualize the best use of colors in your home. Our Color Consult service helps you to choose the right color scheme for your desired architectural style, taste and ambiance.

Project Management

We offer project management services to ensure the seamless implementation of your interior home design. From start to finish, we work with contractors and vendors through all aspects of the planning, budgeting, and execution process. 


Whether you already own a few treasured pieces that you would like to incorporate into your final project design, or we are starting with a blank slate, our decorating service helps you determine the perfect layout for your home furnishings. 


Looking to sell? We make it easy. From furnishings, to accessories, to artwork, we consult on how to best organize your home to attract potential buyers. 

Hourly Consultation

Just want to run through some ideas? Don't want to commit to a full service offering? We are happy to do an hour-by-hour consultation to address the needs of your space. 


Commercial Clients

Our team works with you to create the commercial interior for your business that everyone from clients to guests to customers will love. We translate your unique brand into the project design while focusing on functionality, comfort and style. Depending on your project needs, we can select materials, colors, and furnishings and work closely with contractors and vendors to design the layout of the interior space.



Our team of design experts works directly with builders and their clients to create beautiful home and commercial interiors at very competitive rates. Whether creating a new or existing building, we support all phases of the development process, from design and construction to decorating and merchandising. For custom projects, we are happy to meet directly with buyers to ensure their aesthetic preferences and design goals are integrated into their space.



Every project is unique! Our team works directly with you to determine a project offering that best fits your budget. Please contact us to for a free 30 minute courtesy call to discuss the details of your project. 

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